About Us

Who is VaryActive?
MAFA! That’s Make America Fit Again for those not familiar with our completely made up acronyms. MAFA is kind of a mantra around here. We live and breathe fitness and our passion for helping others sets us apart. The idea for VaryActive was spawned from the brain of an engineer, our Founder and CEO Brett, while perplexed about the inefficiencies and lost opportunities for both users and facilities in the fitness space. If you imagine each open seat in a fitness class as a lump of calories left unburned then it becomes obvious that there are millions upon millions of calories “left on the table” every single day. With the growing obesity epidemic in America this represents a ton of positive change sitting idle each and every day in the form of open seats. There is no industry quite as fluid and dynamic as the fitness industry. Heck, this is what we do day in and day out and it seems like at least once a week we learn about another cool and interesting activity that’s available in our city. So how can the consumer ever be expected to keep up?! We developed the VaryActive platform with the goal of making it super simple for someone looking to try new things, expand their fitness arms, or just have a fun time with friends, discover the perfect activity. Variety is the key to maintaining interest and passion which is one of the best things about our service. With VaryActive you can build the perfect exercise plan for you and your goals. After all, our goals are most likely very different than your goals and what works best for us is probably a world away from what works best for you!

The brain behind the brawn!
Brett Garbs
It all started one day while pounding away on the treadmill (literally going nowhere) Our founder and CEO, Brett, looked over the railing at his local gym and noticed something: out of five full time trainers only two had clients. He looked to his right where a half full Zumba class was in full swing, and to his left was a spin class with only seven cyclists (the room has 30 bikes). He thought to himself “This gym has so many open fitness options, why aren’t people taking advantage?” Is it because people don’t like classes? No, that can’t be it. Is it because classes don’t work? That’s DEFNITELY not right. Then he thought, “I didn’t even know they offered Zumba here”. Then the lightbulb moment happened… with so much variety offered in fitness classes there should be a simple, easy, convenient way to add this variety to your normal workout routine without any commitment required. Thus, the VaryActive mobile app was born.

Brett has been active in fitness his entire adult life, from his daily exercise routine, to intermural sports in college and graduate school, to fun runs and sports associations. He is always going, in fact he has a hard time sitting still. Always looking for new hobbies and activities, Brett has many passions in this world; fitness, golf (regular and disc), mountain biking, good food (preferably in large quantities), lifestyle balance, and his best friend Lambo (the Boxer). Brett wants people to know that being fit does not mean you must make a time “sacrifice”, it can be fun and exciting! He and his wife, Laci, live in Cypress, TX with their fur baby Lambo and coming soon their baby girl.

Where positivity meets creativity!
Laci Garbs
Much like Brett, Laci has been involved in the fitness world since college. VaryActive was built for Laci. She is always looking for new ways to get active and enjoy working out. She is the girl in the gym jumping, running, and hopping around in order to mix-up her normal fitness routine. When Brett developed the idea of VaryActive, Laci immediately became hooked. Since then she has found Aerial Yoga, Kangoo, and various H.I.T.T. classes she can take that are not available at her current gym, and she had no idea they existed! Needless to say Laci loves fitness and trying new things, she also loves metal detecting, rock hunting, loving on her puppy Lambo, and hotdogs! “It’s the best food ever.”

VaryActive is as eye opening as the internet offering customers unlimited access to services they didn’t even know existed. Who would have thought there are classes for twerking? We are currently operating in the Houston area for iOS only with plans to conquer the globe. So keep your eye out for classes in your area and get out there and be Active!

The Technical Team
Whole Wheat Creative

Oh where would VaryActive be without Whole Wheat Creative, Inc., the answer is we would still be a concept. WWC is VaryActive’s partner, EST. 1996, and is responsible for anything and everything technical about VaryActive. All development, coding, updates, and everything else complicated goes through them. It is also full-service, creatively-driven communications firm producing effective advertising and marketing materials across all media.. We are lucky to have this team behind VaryActive and all of their knowledge and experience!

The Cute Factor
Lambo Garbs

Did we not mention that Brett and Laci are obsessed with their Boxer, Lambo. So much so that he has received an official position in the company. As the Chief Cuteness Officer, Lambo is generally in charge of office morale and reminding all of us to take a breather and snuggle a puppy every once in a while, it does the soul good.