A few questions with straight answers.

Q: How much does a membership to VaryActive cost the facility and user?
A: Since VaryActive is a membership-free service to both the facility and user the answer is
simple, NADA! Unlike other services VaryActive is not a gym without a gym, rather our users are free to use the service as they please, paying for only what they use, leaving them free to join a facility at any time.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract with VaryActive?
A: VaryActive does not require a long-term contract. The only paperwork you will sign is a
simple two page Partner Facility Agreement which outlines our terms of service.

Q: What happens if a VaryActive user becomes a member of our facility?
A: Our goal at VaryActive is to help Americans get fit. If a user of VaryActive attends
your facility, falls in love with it, and purchases a membership then that is a WIN for us! Since VaryActive is meant to serve as a supplement rather than a membership our hope is that they would continue to use us to add variety to their fitness life.

Q: How do I signup?
A: Simple! Simply sign our Partner Facility Agreement, create a VaryActive account
where you agree to our standard online terms and privacy, upload classes, sit back and watch the business come in. Our expert support sta is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.