“I wish someone would have created this sooner. I get so tired of doing the same workout day in and day out. Finally, a way to try new things.”
– Katie Thompson, Houston User

“VaryActive gave me access to new types of classes I had always wanted to try. Booking was fast and easy; and the aerial yoga class was incredibly fun and a welcomed changed from my normal workout routine! I cannot wait to take that class again and try others.”
–  Jill Fuchs, Houston User

“I honestly do not see why we would not become a facility partner with VaryActive. There is literally no risk for us!”
–  Cass Dortch, owner Beast Body Fitness

“VaryActive just makes sense! All I have to do is put my class schedule in and the app does the rest for me. It brings in potential members without me having to do any work. And the best part is it costs me nothing to post my classes. It’s a win-win situation.”
–  Vanessa Goebel, owner of CrossFit Memorial Houston